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mercoledì 24 febbraio 2021

HPS Ibiza, the brand new sound of Spain and White Island

HPS Ibiza, the brand new sound of Spain and White Island

HPS Ibiza is the brand new Pequod Acoustics distributor for Spain. HPS stays for Hi-Pro Speakers and Ibiza is where founders, Attilio Andolina and Gianni Scalseggi, who have about 30 years of experience in equipment for clubs and events, located the headquarters of their company. 

"We chose Ibiza because venues and promoters here use innovative technologies that afterwords become a standard all around the world", they say. "Even if Covid-19 is a big problem, we keep on being positive. We'll have a stand at Integrated System Europe (1-4 June 2021, Barcelona), we have a deal with Audioibiza.com, a very important reseller and meeting point for the industry in the Island"

"It will become a showroom for Pequod Acoustics products, like two more showrooms in Barcelona",   Andolina and Scalseggi say. "Moreover, we set up a rental service for boat and villa parties or festival and  events... and most of all we have already planned two important installations in two different Ibiza clubs".

"We're positve for a reason", they summarize. "We know that the amazing qualitfy of Pequod Acoustics Hi-Pro speakers together with the expertise of our team can make the difference". 

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